Good For You, And Bottomless Too.

Here's To A Bright Year (And An Even Lighter Lunch).

Healthy has a new look this year, and it looks a lot like Bottomless Soups, Salads & Fruit from our All You Care To Eat Fresh Food Bar. So start your New Year's Resolution off on a fresh note and stop by Shoney's® for light food options that are as healthy as they are never-ending.

Come on in for Shoney's® Bottomless Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar

A Fresh Fruit Bowl

Bottomless Fresh Fruits

Always fresh and in season.

A Broccoli Cheddar Soup Bowl

Bottomless Fresh Soups

Delicious, flavorful, hearty soups.

A Salad Bowl with Cheddar Cheese and Ham

Bottomless Fresh Salad

Gourmet-style salads, prepared fresh every day.

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