Why Shoney's?

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Our franchisees are a huge part of what has made Shoney’s a great American icon. We’re growing fast, and if you’re looking for a proven franchise with global opportunity, we’d love to have you aboard.


  1. Shoney’s is one of the oldest private Brands, in the restaurant space, in the entire world.
  2. Shoney’s is a well-known and beloved Brand, which offers both our All-You-Care-To Eat Fresh Food Bar and our great, iconic menu items.
  3. Shoney’s is a franchise-partner mindset organization and a franchise-oriented Brand which offers competitive territorial rights.
  4. Shoney’s franchisees have the flexibility to add a drive-thru window and full liquor bar to increase the dinner daypart business.
  5. Shoney’s is DEBT FREE – “Everything is paid for with cash!”
  6. Shoney’s franchisees can communicate with the entire executive team about any business concern “instantly.”
  7. Franchisees have access to ALL of Shoney’s resources.
  8. Franchise partners have the freedom to upsize or downsize the square footage of their restaurants and the ability to adjust their hours of operation.
  9. The Shoney’s Brand has incredible, long-standing relationships with its vendor partners and has had for many years.
  10. Shoney’s offers excellent, delicious food, across all three dayparts, which our loyal guests crave. Shoney’s offers “Southern Food with a Twist.”
  11. The Shoney’s team works very hard to pass along savings, from our food purchasing and supply chain, to our franchise partners.
  12. Shoney’s ownership is fully committed to the continued stability and the future growth of the Brand.

David Davoudpour, CEO

Solid Investment

Throughout our 75+ years, Shoney’s franchisees have accomplished plenty, doing very well for themselves and their families along the way—opening restaurants, creating jobs, satisfying diners and giving back to their communities. They’ve created legacies and inspired additional entrepreneurs like themselves, offering financial independence for people across generations.

Strategic Expansion

Tested and proven over decades of success, Shoney’s has a recognizable footprint and brand that will help it expand. Single restaurant locations (new builds or conversions of existing real estate) are available to ambitious entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond.

America’s Go-To

Shoney’s is reinvigorated, redesigned and ready to become a global dining destination. The new Shoney’s offers more than ever before. We have a great new menu and updated buffet bar filled with healthy and delicious selections. The décor has been completely revamped and in select locations we serve beer, wine and mixed drinks. Join us on the journey to become America’s Go-To restaurant and know that we are dedicated to the support and success of our franchise partners.

Active Community Member

We are proud to support the communities that we serve and partner with organizations including the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life Navigators Program, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Habitat for Humanity, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, The National Restaurant Education Foundation and more.

Are You Ready to be Your Own Boss?

Franchising Opportunities

Shoney’s is established and growing! Single restaurant locations and territories are available for new build or conversion of existing real estate.

Franchisee Testimonials

Franchising isn’t for everyone, but some people are natural leaders, drawn to the task of captaining their own ships and eager for the freedom and other rewards that being a successful franchisee can offer. Plus a Shoney’s franchise is an excellent legacy family business for generations to come! But don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what our franchisees have to say:

“Shoney's gave me the opportunity to work my way up and live the American dream. I have a passion and love for the Shoney's brand and the direction it's headed in because of the support that Shoney's offers. Shoney's has instilled in me the characteristics to be driven, determined, and to leave a legacy.”

-Eric & Patrice Ashford, Franchisees since 2005

“I started out with one restaurant and very little experience in the industry. Help is always just a phone call away. I now own three Shoney’s that are all doing well, and I owe much of my success to the training and help that I received from Shoney’s. You don’t need to have years and years of restaurant experience to be successful with Shoney’s.”

-Dan Holt, Franchisee since 2011

“Before I bought my own Shoney’s franchise in 1995, I had been working with Shoney’s since 1971, when I was 15 years old. It’s safe to say that I’m definitely a product of Shoney’s. Not only do I love Shoney’s and the restaurant business, but I love knowing that David (Davoudpour) shares my passion.”

-Rory Smith, Franchisee since 1995

“Shoney’s has such brand recognition. It is a brand that spans over three generations. How many businesses can say that? We have been a part of so many families’ everyday lives that they truly have a special place in their heart for us. They have been coming to Shoney’s since they were children and were raised with us. They get so emotional when they enter our building that visitors often say, “can you come open a Shoney’s in my town?”

-Kaye Couch, Franchisee since 2000

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