A Metro Nashville Police Officer getting fries from the Fresh Food Buffet.

As a longstanding and iconic American brand for more than 70 years, Shoney’s is proud to stand for American values every day. That’s why we recently put that ethos to work we hosted more than 100 at-risk youth and put them face-to-face and hand-in-hand with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department at its Dinner for Hope – Inspiring Nashville Youth Event.

Following a blue light escort by the MNPD, the boys from Backfield in Motion enjoyed the All You Care to Eat, Freshly Prepared Food Bar at Shoney’s with Nashville’s finest men and women in blue.

“For many of our area’s at-risk youth, their first experience with police and blue lights is watching someone being taken to jail,” said Shoney’s Chairman and CEO Mr. David Davoudpour. “We wanted to change that and what better way than to provide a blue-light police bus escort to Shoney’s. These young boys are our future and it is in the community’s best interest to teach them that the police are our friends, our neighbors and our protectors. They are not to be feared and we showed them that together we can build safer and stronger communities.”

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